áChange in management UBIPHARM Guadeloupe

Published July 2, 2020

Olivier Kengne leaves his Director General position at UBIPHARM Guadeloupe, and Igor Dohou carries the torch

Baie Mahault, 30 June 2020 - UBIPHARM Guadeloupe, a UBIPHARM S.A. Group company - a major player in the pharmaceutical distribution chain in French overseas' departments and French-speaking Black Africa -announces the departure of its Managing Director, Mr. Olivier Kengne. Mr. Igor Dohou succeeds him as of 1st July 2020.

Olivier Kengne, a University of Turin, Italy, alumnus and experienced pharmacist, joined UBIPHARM Group in 2005. He successively held the positions of Chief of Agency and General Manager in several countries, before becoming General Manager of UBIPHARM Guadeloupe in 2013. His talent and expertise have accompanied the development of UBIPHARM Guadeloupe throughout the years.

UBIPHARM Guadeloupe and UBIPHARM S.A. Group warmly thank Mr. Olivier Kengne for all these years of loyal service as well as for his leadership, and wish him well in his future projects.


Mr. Igor Dohou is a pharmacist trained at the University of Paris XI who joined UBIPHARM Guadeloupe two years ago and will be taking over to ensure continuity. The said company and UBIPHARM S.A. Group are delighted to collaborate with Mr. Dohou, and wish him success in his new role.

Mr Olivier Kengne

Mr Igor Dohou